Testimonials & Commendations

“My cello is incredible, it has a beautiful rich sound and has been a joy to play ever since I first picked it up.”

Maclean Pachkowski

“I bought a Michael Doran cello last April and have been nothing but pleased with it since. The tone is amazingly clear, and it has great depth and warmth. I’ve received countless compliments, specifically about the tone and large range of dynamics that it can produce.

“One of my professors told me he had never heard such a beautiful and rich lower end on a cello. I’ve also been very thankful for Mr. Doran’s genuine concern that I’m 100% happy with the cello and that it fulfills all of my individual needs, such as lowering the string heights slightly, moving around the sound post, and finding just the right strings.

“I feel that I have had a large say in the set up of the cello, which has helped me get to know the cello better. Overall, I’m very satisfied with Michael Doran’s work, and am happy that I chose to buy my cello from him.”

Kate Haughey

“I was not even shopping for a violin when I first played the Michael Doran violin that I now own. The first thing that struck me was the brilliant, singing tone of the E string, which made playing in that register a joy. The big, rich sound of the G string, the even transition from string to string, its smooth and easy playability and quickness to respond, all gave me such pleasure that I just could not give it up. It suits all the many types of music I play, from chamber music to traditional fiddling. Without question, this is the the finest instrument I’ve ever owned.”

Ruthie Dornfield

“I am so happy to be playing on a Michael Doran cello!  It has a powerful core sound with a mature, polished tone-color.  His cello has lots of resonance, wonderful response and playability.”

John Michel, Cello Professor at Central Washington University